Nursing home "Onion"

The nursing home "Onion" is located near Brcko in a green oasis that guarantees peace and relaxation during the stay in the home, and is an ideal place for pleasant walks in nature. It is an institution that provides accommodation and care services for the elderly and infirm with 24-hour supervision of medical professional staff. The building in which the home is located is intended for the elderly in order to provide high quality services and care. The medical staff of our institution is educated and trained to perform all medical-technical activities in order to make our users feel healthy, comfortable and comfortable. We give special attention to new residents on arrival, because we are aware that the transition is not easy and we are trying to make the new environment more comfortable and more interesting for the residents.
Nursing home "Onion" was registered with the Brcko District Court pursuant to the Registration Decision No. 096-0-Reg-17-000537 of May 8th 2017.

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The home offers accommodation in single and double rooms. Each of them is dedicated and very nicely equipped. All rooms have special hospital beds with antidecubic mattresses, bathrobes, wardrobes and TV. The bathrooms are adapted to mobile, semi-moving and immobile people. Everything is focused on the maximum comfort, so there is a large room on the ground floor of the building, and on the first floor there is a smaller room for rest and socializing, so our users can choose between the privacy of their rooms and socializing with other users within the common rooms. Within the house is a beautifully decorated yard for rest and relaxation.

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We regularly offer five meals a day - three main and two snacks. All-day nutrition is organized in accordance with the principles of healthy nutrition in old age and is adapted to the health of the user. The menu is based on the doctor's advice and with the participation of a nutritionist. We also offer a special diet for users whose diagnosis it requires (diabetics, diseases of the liver, ulcers, etc.), and our medical staff helps people who can not feed themselves. The home for its own needs also has greenhouses in which organic fruit and vegetables are grown, and the users of the home are enabled to participate in this process in case they wish to do so.

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Medical Services and Care

One of the most important tasks of home care staff is the care of the health of our users. Professional personnel takes care of all vital functions of our users, nutrition, care, mental state and mood. The home offers medical services that are managed and controlled by a general practitioner and include blood pressure, sugar, body temperature, ECG, drug delivery, infusion, decubitus treatment, catheter placement, etc. For all specialist services, with the supervision of medical personnel, calls are made by specialist doctors or transport to health facilities if indicated. The home offers its users both physical therapy and massage. In the case of medical indication, the home provides an emergency call and transportation to the appropriate health facilities. We also have trolleys, walkers and other equipment for the less mobile users. We also have medical equipment: ECG, sterilizers, aspirators, oxygen apparatus, muscle elimstimulation apparatus (TENS), electric massage machines, trim bicycles, etc.

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Plans for the future

The nursing home "Onion" is located in a beautiful and relaxing natural setting that is designed to allow guests to stay in and walk in the open air. In accordance with the current arrangement, capacity of the home is 24 users and all the available rooms within the home are double bed, and the rooms have all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay. Due to the current needs of the market, works are planned in the near future to improve the existing level of service and content at home, as well as to increase the capacity of the home. Upon completion of the works, the home will be able to offer superior service and comfort to all its users, while expanding the capacity of the home to a total of 40 users. As part of the expansion of the capacity of the home, it is also planned to introduce single rooms in order to offer additional comfort to the users, as well as the introduction of daily activities for all users. Special attention will be given to animation and recreation of free time for all users, all in order to maintain mental and physical health.

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